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Alec Corday

Alec Corday

Alec Corday was born 1978 in Germany, but grew up and lived half of his life in the Caribbean in a multi-national community, from where he writes and where he is also deeply involved in humanitarian activities.

Living in a diversity of localities and surroundings, traveling through various continents and having close friends around the globe, helped him to widen his horizon and learn several languages during the early years of his life.

Having spent his life among locals, foreigners and expats, the extremely poor and the very wealthy, the knowledgeable and the illiterates, has impacted Alec’s world view. Becoming versed in American Sign-language added an additional dimension to his perception of life.

Since high school days he always loved to write in English, Spanish and German, from non-fiction, social-political and travel information to scientific fiction. His broad spectrum of interests, studies and experiences ranges from music, film and TV entertainment to theology and everything in between.

His short stories about all kinds of interesting subjects (like Blue Amber), his research papers and essays were published by news agencies, magazines and online travel magazines as well as in online articles, websites and blogs.

Presently he is involved in a wide range of video/audio productions as spokesperson, host, actor, writer and director, but in all his creativity, his heart is still attached to the craft of storytelling with a humorous and sometimes sarcastic touch.

He also enjoys writing in Third Person way too much. You have been warned.